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Vet Practice Makeover: What Makes a Veterinary Practice Unique?

Nov 24, 2017 11:43:54 AM

shutterstock_570345655.jpgThere are a million ways to make your practice stand out from the crowd, but it's up to you to make sure you are implementing strategies consistently. Making small changes to your lobby and the way you interact with your customers can go a long way towards revamping the image of your practice in the community.

How You Talk to Your Customers

More and more clients are beginning to realize that they want an ongoing relationship with their veterinary provider, much the same as they would have with their own personal doctor. Instead of showing up to a random clinic whenever their pets get sick, they want to be part of a family of people that cares deeply about their pets' health. By implementing customer service strategies such as a community board, monthly newsletters, and even postcards specific to each customer, you can show them that you are thinking of them even when they're not in your office.

Getting Comfortable

Both pets and their owners feel tense when they first walk into a veterinary office. The stress of the other animals in the lobby can add to the discomfort. Setting up your waiting area to reduce stress for all parties can be helpful. Many clinics offer free dog biscuits for their furry clients, but some snacks and drinks for the humans is a nice touch. Having free Wi-Fi can also help busy people get work done without feeling like they're being inconvenienced as they wait. This can improve the mood all around.

Caring for the Animals

People want the best for their pets. They want to be able to check in on them and know that they are not just sitting in a crate by themselves. Many veterinary clinics have gone the high-tech route by adding heated exam tables to make the process more comfortable. Observation cameras allow owners to check-in on their pets throughout the day if they are going to be held for recovery for a while. This will put their minds at ease.

There are tons of simple upgrades you can make to your day-to-day business to help customers feel more comfortable in your practice. Don't forget to follow through with friendly postcards or reminders after their appointments so they will be sure to return to you for their next checkup. The sooner you start making little changes, the more your customers will notice.

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