Buying A Veterinary Practice
Selling A Veterinary Practice
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Veterinary Practice Sales

Veterinary Practice Sales

We represent buyers wanting to buy a veterinary practice and sellers wanting to sell their veterinary practice.
Veterinary Practice Appraisals

Veterinary Practice Appraisals

We provide veterinary practice appraisals for buyers evaluating purchase opportunities and sellers determining the value of their practices.
Veterinary Contract Services

Veterinary Contract Services

We draft, and review, agreements for veterinarians who are already together and want to formalize their relationship.

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View veterinary practices for sale in your selected state of interest.

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See how we can help you buy a veterinary practice.

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Recieve a veterinary practice appraisal outlining the value.

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Learn Ways to Sell

Learn about the 5 different ways to sell a veterinary practice.

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Fair Price

We use an income-based method that determines value by capitizing earnings. While profitability largely determines price, we consider many other market factors.


Fair Service

We can work with other advisors, but our range of knowledge provides an all-inclusive service that allows you to hire Praxis rather than an appraiser, accountant, and a lawyer.

Fair Fee

There are no fees for appraisals, analysis, or contracts. You pay a fee only when the sale is final. The buyer's fee is financed and the seller's fee is taken from the proceeds.


What Our Clients Are Saying


After being told by two other national brokerage firms that my practice was a "No-Low Practice", Praxis reviewed the same financials and three months later my practice has now been sold for more than one year's gross. Praxis was not only professional and diligent but also personal and down to earth.


Summer Mobley, DVM

Purchasing my own practice has proven to be one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Although the process seemed overwhelming at first, Praxis's guidance made things easier than I could have ever imagined. The professional advice that I received truly was invaluable. I would recommend Praxis to any prospective buyer.

LeAnn Welch, DVM

My Praxis broker's professionalism and coordination of a very difficult process are to be highly commended. I do not believe most brokers would have been as diligent and persistent while maintaining a fair and equitable relationship. He accomplished our goals in the most professional manner possible.


Dominic Andreoli, DVM

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