Veterinary Contracts

Contracts are written agreements designed to govern relationships among parties.  Praxis provides veterinary contracts for: buy-sell agreements, associateship agreements, partnership agreements, merger agreements, shareholder agreements or limited liability agreements.

The contracting process can be either adversarial or non-adversarial. Sometimes the process becomes adversarial when each party retains their own counsel to represent their individual interests. After large expenditures by both parties, adversarial negotiations often result in a win for one party and a loss for the other or no results at all - other than the destruction of a formerly a good relationship. 

Praxis uses its bilateral contracting approach to assist veterinarians in reaching a mutually beneficial contractual agreement. Praxis addresses potential problems in advance and provides equitable solutions that keep tempers calm and relationships strong.  This win-win approach results in a savings of money, time, and relationships. 

Our comprehensive veterinary contracts govern the relationship between parties and cover the: professional relationship, patient records, scheduling, limitations, warranties, compensation, benefits, expenses, death, disability, management, termination, buy out, and hundreds of other items. Therefore it is critical that the advisor you choose is not only interested in bilateral agreements, but also has extensive experience in practice transitions.

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