Veterinary Practice Sales


Praxis can help you buy a practice listed by us through mutual representation or buy a practice not listed by us through buyer representation for a contingent fee. We can also facilitate the purchase of part, or all, of a practice for veterinarians who are already together but need contract assistance.


Being educated and certified in law, finance, tax, valuation, real estate and financial planning provides us with the perspective necessary to achieve results. We can work with other advisors, but our range of knowledge provides an all-inclusive service that allows you to hire Praxis rather than an appraiser, accountant, lawyer, and a realtor.


Owning a practice allows you to set the standard of care and client service you desire while significantly benefiting financially. Practice owners earn income for their production, management, and ownership while associates only receive compensation for their production.


Praxis will lead you through the entire buying process by: offering options, identifying practices, providing profiles, running valuations, preparing projections, interpreting financials, answering questions, scheduling visits, negotiating terms, making offers, drafting contracts, securing funds, creating checklists and closing the deal.

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