What We Do For Sellers

Sell your practice for maximum value through modern brokerage
Free Practice Appraisal

Step 1: Define Your Strategy

The Intro Call & Questionnaire

Together we will analyze your goals, your practice, and your facility, and discuss the critical steps necessary for success in today’s market. This information lays the foundation for a detailed sales plan that is in line with your goals.
""Praxis listened to my objectives, targeted the right buyers and advised me on how to make my practice more attractive to those buyers.""
- - Dr. James Pearce, Owner of SRAH

Step 2: Calculate Your Price

Financials & Reports

After your strategy is defined, our team will work with you to provide us with the financials and reports necessary to perform a historical analysis, determine your true practice profit and calculate the price of your practice.
Dr Summer Mobley
"Two other brokerage firms said that my practice had no profit. Praxis looked at the same financials and sold my practice for more than one year's gross. Praxis was not only professional and diligent but also personal, down to earth and very understanding of the many issues involved with a family business. They not only looked at my financial numbers but also asked questions and were able to recapitalize my practice numbers and in turn increase the value of my practice which others were not willing or able to do."
- - Dr. Summer Mobley, Mobley Veterinary Clinic

Step 3: Find Your Buyer

Interactive Practice Profile, Marketing

Calculating a price is awesome, but finding a buyer that will pay that price is where the real magic happens. To find the right fit we will create a profile summarizing the opportunity, present it to individuals and consolidators in our buyer database and confidentially market your practice to prospects outside of our database.
Dr. Kristina Frantz
"Praxis targeted the right buyers for my practice and handled every step of each buyer’s complex due diligence process. They knew all of the corporate buyers and how they think. Praxis emphasized our recent success and justified our explosive growth to the prospective buyers. They were not only professional and confidential but also insightful and detail oriented."
- - Dr. Kristina Frantz, Collinsville Veterinary Hospital

Step 4: Close Your Sale

Due Diligence & Contracts

Your closing is where the rubber meets the road. After you accept an offer, the buyer and the bank will examine your financials, confirm the valuation, verify the buyer can support the debt service, require legal documentation of ownership, agreements will be drafted and signed.
Dr John Kasmersky
"Praxis sold my practice for over 50% more than I had been offered 2 years prior. We received multiple offers and sold my practice for over 100% of revenue. My broker negotiated and achieved my desired work schedule within my retirement timetable. The sales price was allocated favorably to provide me with as much of the sales proceeds as possible. Praxis is a company that I would recommend to my colleagues and a comprehensive service that more than pays for itself."
- - Dr. John Kasmersky, Broadway Animal Hospital
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