Buying A Veterinary Practice

iStock_000016624261_ExtraSmallBuying a veterinary practice lets you set the medical quality and level of service within your practice while increasing your earning capabilities. Becoming a veterinary practice owner is a significant business decision that affects your future income and quality of life.

Praxis will lead you through the entire buying process: explaining the ways to buy, answering your questions, providing practice profiles, interpreting financial information, handling negotiations and contracts, and introducing you to veterinary-friendly lenders. Our advisors can help you navigate the financial and ownership maze with unsurpassed expertise.

We use an income-based approach that determines value by capitalizing earnings and considers many factors that will ultimately affect the value and price. We believe that an appraisal is a pricing tool, so we include it in our contingent sales fee - resulting in a free appraisal. We take the time to perform a thorough and detailed valuation but believe that determining the price is a  means to an end. 

Our comprehensive practice profiles give you an insider’s look at veterinary practices for sale. Whether you want to buy a veterinary practice across the country or in your hometown, you will have access to practice listings from across the nation. Once you identify the veterinary practices that you’re interested in learning more about, a Praxis advisor can provide additional information and coordinate an on-site visit. This allows you to tour the facility and meet with the current owner.

Praxis can refer you to lenders that know and understand our profession. Because we work with leading lenders nationwide, Praxis is uniquely positioned to understand today’s lending environment. Whether you want to finance 100% of the practice purchase or put money down, commercial lenders can tailor loan packages to meet your needs.

There’s more to buying a veterinary practice than just getting the best price. Praxis wants to ensure a proper fit for both you and the current owner. Having a trusted business advisor from Praxis helps to assure the transaction is a win-win outcome for the buyer and seller. We’ll act as a liaison between you and the seller, negotiating terms that are fair to both, so everyone’s goals are achieved.

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