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Praxis Transition Solutions is one of the countries leading veterinary practice brokerage firms. We assist veterinarians with their vet practice sales, appraisals, and contracts.  An innovator in the industry, Praxis aims to transform the veterinary transition process through fairness.

The definition of the word praxis is the process of putting knowledge into practice. In 2012 we brought our over 25 years of practice brokerage knowledge to the veterinary industry with the founding of Praxis. We came to the conclusion that the traditional playbook really didn’t work, and that the veterinary industry needed a broker that would provide a fair service.

The History of Praxis

Praxis was founded on the simple observation that the veterinary industry needed balanced brokerage services. The core methods that we had used for decades in other practice brokerage markets were not being implemented in veterinary practice brokerage.

There was a fundamental mismatch between how brokers structured practice sales and how veterinarians would actually like to buy and sell practices. We saw the need for a better way and knew that fairness in all aspects of the brokerage process was the solution. We decided to introduce our all-inclusive service by providing mutual representation and income based valuation for a results only fee.

We also saw the need for a modern organization with an innovative structure. Therefore, we don’t hire retiring doctors as brokers, try to teach them how to value and transition practices and hope that they can convert their former colleagues into sales contacts.

What does Praxis offer You

We employ full time experts in vet practice brokerage that are educated and certified in law, finance, tax, valuation, real estate and financial planning. We engage potential clients through personal and confidential marketing and unite in regional offices that uses technology to understand local demographics on a native level.

Praxis veterinary brokers are full of smart and driven people who care about helping their clients achieve their goals and empower happiness in return. We start by asking the right questions, and don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions. Our programs and recommendations are highly customized and comprehensive.

If you want your vet practice transition to be handled in a comprehensive and non-adversarial environment, Praxis veterinary brokers welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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